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Premium Earring, Made Affordable

Here at 1000earring, our earrings are designed to be with you for different moments and occasion, to celebrate your achievements, to rekindle meaningful relationships, to get through sentimental moments, to stay with you through your daily lives and refreshes your appearances while you be a happy wanderer on earth.

We only use premium material – Sterling Silver to craft our earrings. This way, our earrings are not only lasting in quality, it is also kind to our skin, enable us to wear them for a lifetime. We are proud and happy to know that our customers can stay comfy while wearing our earrings even for extended hours.

At 1000earring, you will find an extensive collection of earrings. That is because we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’, the same goes to tastes and personal preferences. We hope you find the pieces that speaks to you and makes your heart leaps the moment you saw it.

Even in today’s society, fashion beauty can come at a hefty cost. But it doesn’t have to be that way for premium jewelry. Fueled by the love for premium quality earrings, 1000earring put in efforts to find the balance between pricing and quality. We believe that, by bringing affordability into the scene, we are encouraging more women to love and reward themselves with quality pieces.

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